Photo (c) Léa Volta 2022

E.K. Bartlett is a writer, translator, and poet.

Based in Paris, E.K. (they/them) is most notably the translator of the poetry collection Out of hope (Des epoirs) by French opera singer Elodie Kimmel, published in a bilingual edition by Editions du petit véhicule (2022). You can read E.K.'s poems and translations in literary journals such as PULP POETS PRESS, Asymptote, Rust + Moth, JetFuel Review, among others. Their poem Family Absence won the Gigantic Sequins 9th annual poetry prize, judged by Arisa White.

Their work often explores themes of estrangement, place, body, as well as genderqueer identity and intimacy. Engaged in the Paris community of interdisciplinary artists, E.K. often performs writing and runs workshops in spaces such as Culture Rapide, Cave Café, or online.

E.K. has been mentored by writers such as Pulitzer-prize winning author and Barnard professor Hisham Matar and the award-winning French translator Tina Kover. E.K. is poetry editor for the annual literary magazine published by Paris Lit Up and currently works at a publishing house.